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Hiding from the storm

Hiding from the storm

Have you ever heard the expression that “The shoemaker’s kids have no shoes?” Lately, I have felt the pressure of trying to balance my full-time nursing career/work schedule, photography clients (planning, shooting, editing, posting, social media, ordering, delivering) and being a mom. I wasn’t taking the time to photograph my own children and capture these fleeting moments which are so precious to me. That is going to change!!

Several weeks ago we had a big storm blow through which left us without power for over 24 hours. Thankfully, it was October and not during the oppressive heat of a Texas July. The first few hours were fun. Full of adventure, exploring our world in the dark and what 4-year-old boy doesn’t love a flashlight? As the hours passed, the flashlights turned to lanterns and the boredom kicked in. Blake, my high energy, nothing is going to keep me from moving was unusually quiet, which every mom knows..means trouble! I went to search, certain I would find some sort of destruction or chaos. Then I saw a beam of light coming from under the bed…so glad I grabbed my camera and captured the moment.

blake hiding from the storm bw

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