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Halloween- Fruit of the Womb. 

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday besides Christmas.  Growing up, all I wanted to be for Halloween, was a witch. My crafty and creative mom always had other plans: a rubic cube, a tube of toothpaste, a bag of jelly beans (to name a few). Now that I am a mother, the tradition continues!

This was several years ago, but many people have asked me to share about these particular costumes. “Fruit of the Womb”. This has to be one of my favorites and super easy to make. The grapes were green balloons pined to a green tshirt, brown pants and green knit hat with leaves attached to it.  The apple was made using cardboard which I covered in red felt. He wore a red tshirt, brown pants, and red  knit hat with brown felt to make the stem.  I made the sign which completed the look!

Not sure what I will torture them to be this year, but it’s time to start planning!


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